Gare Cline
+1 310.991.1792

Gare specializes in optically accurate, pre-visualization storyboards for business plans and motion picture productions. His clients include The Good Company, Arenas, Sony Pictures and The China Film Studio.

Recently, he has been designing a course in stereography for the PRC film community. His work in film spans nearly 20 years, including seven years as a lighting designer where he worked over ninety videos, commercials and features, including Amityville Horror and Palmetto. More recently, he had been a foreign correspondent for the Belgium magazine, Cine-Tele-Revue, covering industry news and gossip. He has also worked for the stage, including Assistant Director for the Armory for the Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Lighting Assistant on the U.S. premiere of Sam Shepard’s Fool for Love at the Magic Theatre in San Francisco. Gare holds teaching credentials in art, English and history. He briefly taught English and cinematic studies to autistic children.

Gare received a BA in English from San Francisco State University and a Fellowship in cinematography from the American Film Institute.